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Privacy policy – disclosure to customers and suppliers

David Super-Light (CVR. no. 20053283) naturally collect personal data about their physical customers (or if the customer is represented by an A/S or ApS company). When David Super-Light collect and process information about physical persons, David Super-Light are according to the Data Protection Act article 13 and 14 obliged to inform of this.

As part of entering an agreement, David Super-Light, as “data responsible”, process a number of customary personal data (name, address, email etc.) about you.

The data processing is carried out in agreement with the Data Protection Regulation article 6, par. 1, litra b. Furthermore, the processing is in agreement with article 6, par. 1, litra f, as the processing is necessary in order to complete the order with you (and/or the company you represent).

Your personal data will possibly be forwarded to relevant business partners, i.e. suppliers, public authorities, insurance and consultants in order for the agreement with you to be realized.

To realize the agreement with you, David Super-Light collect customary personal data about you from public authorities and in connection with insurance.

David Super-Light will store your personal data according to applicable rules.

Please note that you have the following rights in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation in regards to the personal data David Super-Light process about you:

  • The right to access
  • The right to request correction or deletion
  • The right to request limitation of processing  and to object against a process

If you have any specific questions regarding your personal data, you are welcome to contact us at

For further information about the Date Protection Act, please go to