GADO Bollard fitting

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WILLIAM G2 Road Fixture is a unique product by David Super-Light. The square flat design provides a discreet yet powerful expression, that differs from traditional Road Fixtures. The fixture is made of hot-dip galvanized steel with a 10-year corrosion warranty, and it is the perfect choice in, for example, coastal areas where the solid construction comes to the fore. WILLIAM G2 comes with integrated LED and many options for light control. The Fixture can be supplied with a simple on/off connection, but it can also be pre-programmed upon the customer’s request. Both 1-10V and DALI dimmers are available. Comes in both 3000K and 4000K. Supports both Class E and L7 of the Danish Road Standards. The Fixture can be used in several contexts and is e.g. particularly suitable as road lighting, for pedestrian and bicycle paths and in parking

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Width (cm)

Height (cm)

Depth (cm)


Electric shock protection classI & II
Shockproof classIK10
Data of Light sourceLED type, FastFlex LED (Integrated LED)


CE MarkYes


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