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Seneste nyhed13. April 2022


We are ready by the phone today if you just need to have ordered your lamps before Easter.We are back on Tuesday 19/4.David Super-Light wishes […]

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Seneste nyhed25. March 2022


TØRRING wall lamp – a modern round circular lamp which gives a good light, without glare. A lamp with several options – can be obtained […]

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Seneste nyhed4. February 2022


Solid and stylish bench in high quality, where it is possible to put your own stamp on the bench with a logo. David Super-Light wishes […]

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Seneste nyhed22. December 2021


Christmas is approaching and the time with those we love must be enjoyed ❤️ We are closed between Christmas and New Year, but our outdoor […]

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Seneste nyhed12. November 2021

📰Article from Erhverv + and Hedensted Avis📰

💡💡💡 Highest quality outdoor lighting that lights up the David Super-Light 💡💡💡Article from Erhverv + and Hedensted Avis, describes very well what David Super-Light is […]

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Seneste nyhed3. September 2021


The TROLLE series, which consists of wall, bollard and park lamp, is now up for negotiation at Solar 💡💡💡The negotiation of TROLLE has previously taken […]

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Seneste nyhed20. August 2021


David Super-Light launches the exclusive outdoor TOWER bollard.The mast is a modern new lighting concept that allows you to create a unique and dynamic lighting […]

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Seneste nyhed4. August 2021

Our new administration building is done

We have moved all the furniture from the old office, and are almost in place 🥳 The rooms are larger and the light is fantastic. […]

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Seneste nyhed23. July 2021


Summer is upon us and many have already gone on vacation ☀️☀️ The team behind David Super-Light is also going on holiday and we are […]

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Seneste nyhed24. March 2021

🛠️Stage 4 is underway🛠️

New administration building for David Super-Light 🔧🔨It’s running out of space in our office so we are expanding.As can be seen from the road, construction […]

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