For companies

    • In case of defects or delays, the buyer must notify seller in written form.
    • The buyer loses the right to invoke if the defects have not been noticed and David Super-Light has not been notified within 10 days.
    • If issues related to construction, material or manufacturing are observe, David Super-Light A/S will replace the goods as soon as possible. Shipping costs related to the replacement are held by David Super-Light A/S. Additional costs, including assembly or disassembly and troubleshooting are not held by David Super-Light A/S.
    • Complaints related to damages caused during transport are to be directed to the carrier immediately after arrival. If any suspicion of transport damage, the transport documents must be signed “with precaution”.

For private customers

    • All complaints should be directed to the retailer.
    • When unpacking and setting up the lamp, be careful not to scratch lamp with a knife, screwdriver, etc. Check the contents of the package immediately. Any complaints against the lamp or missing parts should be directed to your retailer as soon as possible after the purchase. Always bring your purchase invoice.