• We provide 10 years warranty against corrosion on external metal parts, given the complaint falls within 10 years of purchase date and with proof of purchase date. The warranty only covers replacement of the purchased item(s) and thus not additional costs such as repair costs.
    • The warranty does not cover issues caused by condensed water, lacking maintenance, wrongful application, self-made repairs or force majeure.
    • If replaced, the warranty is still valid from the original purchase date of the product.
    • At redelivery, only the faulty part will be redelivered, regardless of instances of minor differences in color, design or similar.
    • Above warranty solely covers articles produced in hot galvanized steel. Other materials such as stainless steel and powder coated items are not included in the 10 years corrosion warranty.
    • Above warranty becomes void if the parts are installed in garden beds or areas with LECA, wood chips or covered in dirt.